Renegade X Two-Way Radio with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

By Oxbow

  • Built-in Bluetooth Capability– Pair this radio with your favorite helmet intercom, Bluetooth headset, earbuds, or other Bluetooth devices for wireless communication. Our Bluetooth connectivity means you don’t need a two way radio adapter or a Bluetooth adapter. 
  • Universal Shoulder Strap Mount – the adjustable Universal Shoulder Strap Mount two way radio accessory is designed to securely fit any backpack shoulder strap, making it easy to operate and use the radio while on the go. 
  • Built for the Elements – The Renegade X radio was built to withstand the harshest rain and snow conditions while still providing you with an open line of communication.
  • Channels – Operating in the FRS frequency range with 22 channels & 121 sub-channels (aka privacy codes). This radio will work with other industry snowmobile radios.
  • Extended Range – While using the legal U.S. license free limit of 2 watts, the Bluetooth two way radio will provide up to 25 miles of range. Typical backcountry range with trees and hills is 1-5 miles.
  • Versatility – With built-in Bluetooth technology, headphone ports, and secure shoulder strap mount, this radio is perfect for snowmobiling, dirt biking, hunting, and more.