800 E-TEC Jaws Silencer

By Jaws


800 E-TEC Jaws Silencer - Rowdy is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Fits 2011-2017 & 2018 Renegade 800 Etec engines. Freeride, MXZ, Renegade, Summit. 

Stock silencer weight- 16lbs, rowdy can (3.5 lbs), race can (5 lbs) and trail silencer (6.5 lbs) for the 800 E-TEC.

The rowdy can is the loudest and lightest option, competition, open mod sound level. 

The race can has a great deep, crisp bark when you crack the throttle and a deeper rumble at the lower rpm’s.

The trail silencer is very close to the stock sound level at the lower rpm’s and then when you crack the throttle it adds an awesome (not too loud) sound.

Stock hp, performance and reliability are guaranteed. Includes the temperature sensor bung (required for 2011-2013).